Who Would You Do? Version 15.7

UPDATE – Sorry to all the early voters for the polls not showing up the last few weeks. I am not sure what the problem is, but thank you for letting me know when they are not working so I can fix them!


Happy 2013 to ALL! May this year bring peace and prosperity to EVERYONE!

Here is today’s poll. I know some of you guys like to be able to inspect the “equipment” or should I say “fruit” before making a selection, so this post is for you 😉 .

As for me, I am having a HARD time trying to decide between A and E… so I think I am just going to take ALL OF THE ABOVE!

So tell me, Who Would YOU Do?

5 thoughts on “Who Would You Do? Version 15.7

  1. Jason, I don’t know if it’s just me, but the last couple polls haven’t been showing up for me. All I get is a “poll by twiigs.com” link.

    But my vote would definitely have to be all of them as well! I mean hot damn!

  2. I would go for A & D but if I have to choose 1 it would be A. I also haven’t been getting the polls until later in the week sometimes on Thursday but usually on Friday.

  3. That’s one of the hottest Who Would You Do? selections I can remember. They are all so beautiful – good looking, great bodies, lovely cut cocks and perfect balls. I couldn’t decide between A, C, D and E, so, for the first time, I’ll have to go for ‘all of the above’. Thanks, as usual, for such a hot pic!

  4. haven’t this picture already been a poll pic sometime before? I feel like i’ve already voted for it…
    never mind, i just remembered I might have liked the B guy, but now i find A far more attractive and cute :)
    I didn’t even hesitate a second to make up my mind this time :p

    nevertheless, there’s still the “fruits and vegs” issue there. hihi.

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