Famous Faces

Every once in a while I like to post some of the famous guys that turn me on… this is one of those times…

DISCLAIMER: I think Justin Bieber is an idiot and on his way out, but he still has a nice butt.



4 thoughts on “Famous Faces

  1. I agree about Justin Bieber. He is a mess and those people in charge should have done an intervention MONTHS ago. But if they did they would not make any money off him. And as long as the entertainment shows keep covering his antics he will continue.

    Love your Tom Daley pics.

  2. I love Zayn Malik.

    Liam Payne is such a cutie too. I wish those guys showed more about themselves…

    About the bieber thing, I guess no one would really say no to that little butt of his, … but i really despise his feet. They are so horrible, and since cute feet turn me on, his just turn me off. Even a creampie of his little butt won’t cover it up :p

    and this Dave Franco guy, I guess someday he might just have Zac’s dick up his ass to chill him a little bit. And I wouldn’t mind having a video of it :)))

    Do u think Dave Franco is cuter than Efron?
    I do.

    I really am afraid that Zac Efron is getting “worse” with age.
    But then again, how can this guy be “worse”…? let’s say “less cute” …
    I mean he’s just turning into this muscled big stud… which might turn on some people, but i grew up with him, i kinda always had fancied the little high school superstar he used to be, which he isn’t anymore….

  3. Bieber does seem a bit of an idiot, but he’s hot and I’m quite happy that he takes off his shirt at every opportunity – he’s got a great body (apart from the tats!). I love that pic of Niall from OD and Tom Daley is a hottie, although I reckon Chris Mears is way better! Thanks for the pics, Jason!

  4. How many times has everyone seen an aspiring young person or group come and go because of the hyper-hormonal whims of teen aged cunt or the whim of the gay carbaret culture. Both devoid of reality, respect for others, or sympathy. If a smart successful kid does good, he or she’s inundated to insanity by the media, paparazzi, and droves of insane fans wanting a piece of him and if they cannot get it they pass judgement and he’s condemned by them to a hell they create. How many really talented people are pushed aside because they have grown up and considered to have lost their looks? Well there are always new victims cropping up. I’m gay, and I have never thought this way. I have always noticed that the worst critics of real talent base their judgements on physical attraction and not talent. Those people ought to invest in a couple of mirrors kept around their houses to remind them of their own ghastly physiques and repulsive faces. They are all enough to make a buzzard puke. John of Vermont

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