OK, so I have received some comments and e-mails about the Who Would You Do poll… It appears that for some of you it redirects you to some advertisements and other useless information and for that I apologize. I did not know that it did that as it appears that it only does it for some of you. When looking for replacements for the old poll service I take all that into consideration, but since I did not get any pop-ups or redirects I thought it was a good service to use. I can only speculate as to why it redirects some of you and not me or others… One thought is that some of you do not have an “ad block” or “pop-up blocker” software installed. Another thought is maybe it is different for different browsers, although I tested it on both Firefox and Chrome and I tested it from multiple computers and I did not get the ads or redirects that you guys did. In other words, I am stumped.

SO, long story short… (too late) I will be testing a different poll service next week.

Again, I am sorry for any frustration or inconvenience due to the ads/redirects. Those of you who know me will know that I HATE advertising AND redirects, which is why I don’t have any on the blog. Thank you to everyone who sent me e-mails and/or left comments alerting me to the problem. That is exactly what I wanted you to do.

Anyway, enough words. Now enjoy some videos. :-)

PS. I keep trying to post longer videos but for some reason the longer ones do not play correctly. I am working on that too.