Simply Sexy Solos

First I want to comment on Wednesday’s Who Would You Do post…

At the time of my posting this, only ONE person has voted for Pool Boy #5… so whoever it was, you may have him all to yourself ;-).

Also, 7 people have voted for “None of the Above”… I would love to hear from those 7 people as to what kind of guy they are into. I really thought there was something for everyone in that post, but alas, I was mistaken. I will keep trying though!  If you have not yet voted in this week’s Who Would You Do post, please do so, just click the “Older posts” link on the bottom of the page.

And be sure to come back on Saturday for the World Famous “Self Portrait Saturday” post… It is going to be like selfie’s on steroids!

So now on to today’s post! I hope you all find something you like in pictures below!