Who Would You Do? Version 23.2

Hey there! Happy Wednesday!

I can never get enough of guys in Speedos. So that’s what we have for today’s poll.

As for my vote… I think I am going to go with #7. The rest are just too skinny for my taste.

So tell me, Who Would YOU Do?

(PS: For those of you who think some of the guys in these posts look too young… please keep in mind the “Who Would You Do” is not so much about who would you have sex with – this is only a blog after all and you will not REALLY be having sex with any of these guys, it is more about who do you think is the cutest or most adorable. It is just that “Who Would You Do” sounds better than “Who do you think is cute” – at least to me. You are always welcome to either vote for “None of the Above” or not vote at all. I will not EVER knowingly post pictures of underage guys in sexual situations. If you know someone is underage – PLEASE tell me and I will remove the picture immediately. Thanks for listening! -Jason)