Self Portrait Saturday

Hey everyone!

Before you enjoy today’s Self Portraits, I would like you to take a look at something. It is called Sextortion, and it usually involves naive young guys who Skype or chat or kik with someone who they think is someone they are not. We have all seen the pics and videos going around where these cute young guys think they are talking to a pretty young girl or another young guy, when in reality they are talking to someone who wants money in exchange for keeping the video from falling into the “wrong hands” like parents or work. It is a BIG business. I personally know of at least a couple “blogs” that post videos of straight guys who think they are talking to a pretty straight girl only to have someone record it and post the video/pics on their blog to please their blog’s fans – and increase blog traffic which increases the amount of money they make.

I know that this may sound hypocritical coming from me, but I NEVER pretend to be someone I am not in an effort to lure some unsuspecting guy into taking his clothes off for the camera. Something that I have posted before when I am looking for viewers to send me photos for the Self Portrait Saturday… If you take x-rated pics of yourself, PLEASE be sure that you are 100% OK with ANYONE seeing them, because once they are out there on the internet, it is virtually impossible to get them removed totally. Even when I remove a photo, there is at least one person, probably hundreds of people, who have saved your picture to their hard drive and now has the ability to share it with others. Like I said, this all make me sound and feel like a big hypocrite. I have never and will never extort someones image for money.

And most importantly – if ANYONE e-mails me and says that there is a picture of them that they want removed from my site (which happens more often than you think) I will remove it as quickly as possible – no questions asked, and will ALWAYS do so. I recently had a young man e-mail me saying there was a picture of him on the site that he wanted removed. He said that his now, ex-girlfriend, had been posting his picture all over the internet to get revenge. I will not willingly or knowingly ever post pictures of this type. I just think it is wrong.

It is sad that this Sextortion is ruining peoples lives and, in at least one instance, cost someone their life.

Please take a moment and read the following article from the BBC:

Anyway, thank you for listening!