Simply Sexy Solos

OK, I kinda want to apologize for today’s post. I was ready to post a BUNCH of solo pics when it started to become painfully clear that I had already posted a majority of the photos. Believe it or not I try very hard not to post duplicates of photos, unless I REALLY, REALLY like the photo. But for whatever reason a great many of the photos that were scheduled to be posted today were just posted on the last solo post.

In fact, there are still a few photos below that were posted already, but I wanted to give you a reasonably sized post for today.

I have posted over nearly 100,000 photos on this site, so trying to remember whether or not I have posted a picture before – strictly from memory – is virtually impossible. So I hope that you will forgive me when I do post some duplicates.

Anyway, I KNOW there are a few NEW ones below, so I hope you enjoy them!